Whether you're adding or editing content in your existing website, or preparing a website to be re-designed, establishing a content plan is the first step. Identify your audience, their needs, organizational goals, and how often updates should be made. All pages should be reviewed at least once a month, if not more frequently.

Setting Goals

Define your audience needs and organizational goals. These goals aid in determining a websites content strategy.

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Preparing Content for a Website Re-design

Learn about approaches to content strategy ahead of a website's re-design. Having a strategy in place helps to establish a clear direction for the re-design.

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Creating Purposeful Content

Every piece of content needs to serve an audience need or fulfill an organizational goal (preferably both).

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Maintaining Content

It’s important to establish a plan for consistent maintenance. Content should be continually reviewed to ensure that its current and relevant.

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Creating User-Friendly Content

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