Developing Content for Focus Events

Timeframe for a Focus Event #

6-8 weeks out is the best time to begin planning for a larger focused event like say Public Health Week, Match Day, or Commencement.

Planning a Focus Event #

For the sake of walking through this, we will use Public Health Week as an example.

  1. Begin creating a new event:
    • A Focus Event named, "Public Health Week" should be created using the Events Module which is located at the root level of your website. Often this URL will be something like public or public
  2. Add relevant information to this event:
    • Date(s)
    • Location(s)
    • Organizer/Contact
    • Possible links or information for the virtual or in person event.
  3. If there will be stories in the SOLE Newsroom, be sure to add a link to this event and reference back to it for the information rather than listing this information in the story itself.
  4. Is there any other marketing tools you plan to use?
    • Videos, photos, pointing to research, labs, or other areas of relevance?
  5. Consider marketing focused profiles:
    • Is there a story that faculty, staff, students, etc have to tell?
      • What drew you to pursuing a career in Public Health and what would you like others to know about the importance of Public Health?
  6. What role will your information play in social media?
    • How do you plan to share the event, stories, profiles, and whatever else you have focused around the event?
    • Is there an opportunity to elevate a core goal like recruitment or giving?
  7. Are there other teams or resources available to me?
    • Perhaps the Health Sciences Marketing & Communications team can help elevate this event by sharing it through their websites or social media?

Through each phase of developing a focus event, the Health Sciences Information Technology Services Front-End Development team is available to help you better organize these ideas and how they live on your website.