Setting Goals

Meeting with target audience members and stakeholders helps you define your audience needs and organizational goals; successful content satisfies both criteria.

Discover Your Goals #

  • Student, resident, and faculty recruitment is the most important goal across the University, making this the first priority of every website.
  • Interview your audience members.
  • Focus on your audience.
  • Review the WVU Brand Voice.

Research Your Audience #

  • Who should your website talk to?
  • Who's visiting the website?
  • Are they internal, external, or both?
  • Why are they visiting the website?
  • What do your users email you about?
  • What information is critical to serving their needs?
  • Identify 3-5 core areas the website should focus on.

Identify Peer Organizations or Competitors #

  • What are they doing that you're not?
  • What things are they doing well?

Meet With Stakeholders #

If leadership agrees with the direction of the website then there is buy in and a clear path forward for what the website should accomplish. Meet with stakeholders to have them sign off on the proposed changes.