Anastasia (Anna) Robinson

Anastasia (Anna) Robinson, Pharm.D

Class of 2020
Ripley, WV
Undergraduate Degree:
Pharm.D, West Virginia University

Anna Robinson is a graduate of the WVU School of Pharmacy, and currently employed at Fruth Pharmacy in Ripley, WV, which is a rural community chain pharmacy. During the summer of 2018, Robinson competed in the Fruth Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Intern Competition for a chance to win a scholarship. She came out on top and won the first place category for third year pharmacy students, as well as the overall first place for store wide interns.  Her success is demonstrative of her determination and innovation, and her win also signifies that she completed the most comprehensive medication reviews and counseling opportunities during the competition. Concurrently, thips opportunity opened Robinson's eyes to the lack of health literacy surrounding rural communities; this realization further inspired her to pursue a rural focus and continue to serve the community of Ripley.

Robinson was also inducted into the Phi Lambda Sigma (PLS) Leadership Society, an organization that allows students to develop their existing leadership and service skills; she has since been elected as the chapter secretary.  Robinson states that serving as an executive officer has created multiple leadership opportunities for her and others - both inside and outside of the organization. This new role has allowed her to better her service skills in her community, thus making her quite a force with respect to servant leadership.

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