Danielle Hoff

Danielle Hoff, Pharm.D

Class of 2020
Mingo County, WV
Undergraduate Degree:
BS Biology, University of Charleston

Danielle Hoff is from a small coal-mining town in the heart of Mingo County, West Virginia.  She became inspired to follow a path in healthcare after experiencing the loss of her mother to medical malpractice when she was seven years old.  Losing her mom to what should have been a simple procedure made her realize just how vital access to quality healthcare was for those who live in rural areas. 

Through this experience, Hoff turned her focus to educating herself to become a healthcare provider in order to make a sincere difference in her community - thus taking the lead in efforts to combat medical malpractice in her community.  Hoff also took the initiative to become a certified Emergency Medical Technician at the Kanawha County Emergency Department while obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from the University of Charleston; the combination of these two experiences created a turning point in Hoff's medical career, as it was there that she found her passion for critical care/emergency medicine. 

Hoff is a recent graduate of the University of Charleston's School of Pharmacy, the former Secretary for the Christian Pharmacist Fellowship International group (former President and Vice President) and is a former Pharmacy Mentor at the University of Charleston's School of Pharmacy. Hoff has also been the Diabetes Chair for the American Pharmacists' Association, the Diabetes Co-Chair for the Student National Pharmaceutical Association, and a member of the Academic Affairs Student Committee. Upon completion of her degree program, she has aspirations to use her skill set in one of the hospitals near her hometown in order to further assist her community. 

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