Emmanuel Dimitri Foko Tito, DO

Emmanuel Dimitri Foko Tito
Douala, Cameroon - Petersburg, WV
Undergraduate Degree:
BS Bioengineering, University of Maryland

Emmanuel Dimitri Foko Tito grew up in a suburb of Douala, Cameroon, and is the third child of a large family. He left Cameroon at the age of fifteen because his parents pictured the United States as a land of opportunities where each of their children could succeed.  Before and after the move, Tito grew up in a rural community neighborhoods with limited access to medical resources; this way of living has shaped him to be more understanding to the needs of undeserved populations.

Currently, Tito is a recent graduate of the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine (WVSOM) and 2nd Lt in the U.S. Army. There, he became involved with the Rural Health Initiative in West Virginia, the WV AHEC Rural Community Health Scholars Program, the West Virginia Rural Health Association, and various national organizations that promote health care in undeserved areas.  Tito has also participated in several international medical trips including the 2017 social medicine course in Haiti, the former President of the WVSOM class of 2020, and is a member of the Student Leadership Admission Committee.

Concurrently, Tito conducted independent research on biopolymers and synthesized and characterized a PLGA-PEG block copolymer to be used as a surgical sealant and was a Student Researcher at Dr. Peter Kofina's Lab in the department of Bioengineering. In 2018, Tito was awarded the United Health Foundation/NMF Diverse medical Scholarship to conduct a self-directed community health project in a medically underserved community. This program inspired Tito to launch The Body Screening Project, which is designed to improve health care in underserved communities.