Kelsie Gillespie, DPT

Kelsie Gillespie

Community service always makes a difference in others’ lives while also instilling character in the one performing these services.

Monroe County, WV
Undergraduate Degree:
Exercise Physiology, AOE Aquatic Therapy, West Virginia University

Kelsie Gillespie, a Monroe County native, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy graduate of West Virginia University.  Gillespie also completed her undergraduate degree at West Virginia University in Exercise Physiology with an emphasis of aquatic therapy in 2017.  She has always been very passionate about the human movement system, and intends to share her enthusiasm and expertise in her field with her home state of West Virginia. 

Gillespie also served four years as an Energy Express mentor for AmeriCorps for the summer reading program in Monroe County where she recognized many needs in her community, including lack of healthcare providers. Her time with AmeriCorps helped her realize that access to proper physical therapy care, while important, is hard to come by.  Accordingly, she plans on returning home to rural West Virginia to give back to the community that has always been supportive of her goals.