Michelle DuVall, BS Nutrition & Dietetics

Michelle DuVall
Undergraduate Degree:
Nutrition & Dietetics, West Virginia University

Michelle DuVall is currently a construction lending support specialist with twenty years of banking and finance experience.  She has presented nationally and continues to educate clientele and lenders in the construction loan field on a regular basis. 

DuVall obtained her Associate of Arts in 1998, and in January of 2018, Michelle enrolled at WVU to finish her Bachelor’s in Human Nutrition and Foods.  Currently, DuVall is working full time in finance while transitioning her career to the field of Nutrition; she has a goal of becoming a Registered Dietitian. 

With this shift in career, DuVall plans to pursue her interests in Dietetics, which include obesity and weight management, community nutrition and education, and clinical nutrition (including pediatric gastroenterology disorders such as celiac disease). DuVall also plans to apply for the ACEND dietetic match upon completion of her bachelor’s, and is considering the pursuit of a master’s degree.

DuVall is currently a student member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and is the Treasurer-elect and Fundraising Chair for the Student Association of Nutrition and Dietetics at WVU.  When not working or studying, DuVall enjoys hiking and playing tennis with her family, traveling, cooking, and creating nutritious recipes.  Additionally, as a practicing martial artist for over ten years. DuVall is also working on her 4th degree black belt in Taekwondo; she believes that passion is a key ingredient to maintaining an active lifestyle and working toward any goal(s) in health and fitness.