Let’s Play

People spend more time at work than practically anywhere else in their life – so why not make it fun? The “Let’s Play!” initiative will focus on creating dedicated space for fun and offer fun coaches that can help to plan group activities. By identifying specific spaces that are dedicated to relaxing together, the value of having fun becomes a more tangible priority.

Space for Fun

  • Create a “makerspace” environment where people can meet to do crafts, play games, relax, listen to music, etc.
  • Provide a mobile art cart for pop-up events

Fun Coaches

Train coaches that can help groups plan activities. Coaches can be available at a makerspace during certain hours to help facilitate activities.

Organized Fun

Organize at least four activities a semester

  • Gaming tournaments
  • Crafts
  • Concerts
  • Painting
  • Dance classes
  • Tie-dyeing