Seminar Series

  • TEDalk style
  • Invite external and internal experts to speak on various topics
    • Psychological safety 
    • Trust
    • Resilience
    • High-functioning teams

Book Club

  • Highlight a book each semester
  • Offer small group discussions with a facilitator (grad student experiment)
  • Conduct online group discussion
  • Social media posts – key quotes from the reading that resonated
  • Opportunity for people to give input on next book

Social Gatherings

  • Schedule two pop-up events a quarter that bring people together across Health Sciences
  • Encourage leaders to informally spend time with their faculty, staff and students - lunch, student rec room, sitting outside, etc.
  • “Getting to know us” where the agenda is connection and informal - by the department
  • “Happiness Lab” podcasts (Laurie Santos - Yale) - informal hosting of lunch and podcast - just chat
  • “Women at Work” podcast (Amy Bernstein - Harvard Business Review) - an informal space for women to connect and share experiences

Conversational Space

Create living room style spaces throughout the Health Sciences Center that encourage conversations and relationship building.