About Us

Interprofessional Education at the HSC follows the Core Competencies for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice.

  • Domain 1: Values/Ethics for IP Practice
  • Domain 2: Roles/Responsibilities
  • Domain 3: IP Communication
  • Domain 4: Teams and Teamwork

The framework of Interprofessional Education at the Health Sciences Center involves working to improve the effectiveness and quality of healthcare. To reach this goal we strive to provide a structure that encompasses collaborative practice including high functioning teams, integrative health, primary care, access to care, team-based acute care, patient safety and quality, and supports service-learning in all healthcare settings.

Strategic Plan

In 1997, Dr. Rashida Khakoo began to offer faculty development programs that included faculty from all Health Sciences Center schools. This sparked an interest in Interprofessional education at the health sciences center. In 2000, a longitudinal Teaching Scholars program was initiated. In 2009, the Academy of Excellence in Teaching and Learning was created, which included the formation of the Interprofessional Education Interest Group. This group evolved into the Interprofessional Education Strategic Planning Committee in 2010. Dr. Khakoo and Dr. Christina DeBiase created the official Interprofessional Education proposal/recommendation that was sent to the Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center administration for consideration. In October 2012, Drs. Abraham, DeBiase, Shelton, Stamatakis & Woodfork attended the national Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC) Conference forming the first Health Sciences Center IPEC Institute Team. Following this meeting, they presented the Interprofessional Education Summary Report to Health Sciences Center Administration. Following a search in the spring of 2013, Dr. Narasavage was appointed Director of the Office of Interprofessional Education. In the Fall of 2013, the Interprofessional Education classroom space officially opened.

In coming years, the Office of Interprofessional Education has a wide array of activities planned working with all Health Sciences Center schools and campuses. These activities include but are not limited to a Spring Interprofessional Education Pilot Seminar Series, a tri-state faculty workshop, dual degree programs across multiple schools, ”rounding” and other activities involving , Interprofessional Education Simulations, Department of Medicine Grand Rounds and grant funded Community-Based Care Interprofessional Practice Activities.