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A guide to better content.

This website serves as a tool to help create better websites through understanding content layout.


There are tools and concepts you should keep in mind when crafting your website's content to ensure that the information you are providing is accessible to as many people as possible.

Review accessibility information


Plan for the creation and maintenance of useful, usable content.

Learn How to Develop a Strategy


A website is never finished. Once a website launches it needs to constantly be reviewed and maintained.

Maintain Content and Media


Content creation involves developing a strategy, establishing a hierarchy, and having an understanding of when to use lists, links, buttons, and media.

Review Creation Options


Macros allow for additional pre-built functionality to be added to the content of a website page.

Learn More About Macros

Social Media

Social media is an effective tool for communication and can be used, in tandem with your website, to engage your audience.

Learn More About Social Media

Specialty Pages

Specialty Pages are unique pages added to websites with custom needs.

Learn More About Specialty Pages