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West Virginia University graduates are passionate, loyal and caring. Our Health Sciences alumni — Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Public Health — serve as ambassadors and advocates for healthcare and education all over the world. They provide valuable resources, including time and money, to support programs and outreach initiatives that improve the quality of life of those we serve.

Alumni are vital to WVU’s future success. Staying involved in the life of your alma mater is easy. Return to campus to share your experiences. Support scholarships and other philanthropic programs. Assist current students with job placement. Opportunities to be engaged are endless. Join the WVU Alumni Association and reach out to the Alumni Affairs unit within your school toget involved.

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Alumni Affairs

A photo of Robert Wanker.
Robert Wanker, DDS
West Virginia University
Assistant Dean of Student and Alumni Affairs, Student and Alumni Affairs
Clinical Professor and Assistant Dean of Student and Alumni Affairs, Periodontics
A photo of Lynda Nine.
Lynda B. Nine
West Virginia University
Executive Director, Alumni Affairs, Alumni Affairs
A photo of Gregg Cave.
Gregg Cave
West Virginia University
Assistant Dean for Student and Alumni Services, Office of Student Services