Abby Wellings

Graduate Assistant
Abby Wellings

Abby is a master’s level trainee and graduate assistant for WVU Health Sciences students. She is currently a second-year student in the Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling program. Abby received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Frostburg State University, studied abroad in South Korea and is a first-generation college student.

Abby describes her counseling style as collaborative and multisensory. She mainly adheres to Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) and Transactional Analysis (TA), which she believes allow individuals to examine their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. This helps individuals gain insight into how they impact each other and allows them to challenge their irrational thoughts and shift them into more rational thinking. For TA, she enjoys the concept of examining the different states of mind that can inform emotions and experiences, as well as helping others gain awareness of these states of mind. Although she likes serving a wide population, she is especially interested in working with first-generation college students.

Abby believes having a work-life balance is essential. In her free time, she loves to read, listen to music, exercise and catch up on Netflix binges and sleep. She also always makes time for her spirituality and spending time with family, friends and her two dogs, who make her a proud dog mom.

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