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HSC Code of Conduct / Conflicts of Interest and Conflicts of Commitment


Noncoordinated Programs FAQ

1. How do you want the followup credit records and evaluations submitted? 
Email or hard copy. Email is always preferred. And if possible, submit as two separate PDF files. One for credit records and one for evaluations.

Regularly Scheduled Series FAQ

1. What format do I use to submit Credit Packets?

2. Are digital/web/Zoom based sessions allowed?
Delivery methods don’t affect CME credits. If the activity continues as a live activity but delivered via zoom, phone, etc., departments can record attendance on the normal forms and submit everything as usual. The coordinators can mark the attendance.

3. Is there a possibility for automated electronic notifications for CV, Disclosure, and reaccrediting program? Could we move away from paper and use an electronic system?
At this time, most of our planning forms are online forms, and a lot of the required documents can be sent via email. If you are asking a speaker to complete a disclosure, let them know to include your email address in the field at the end of the form so you will receive a copy. Listings are available for both CV's and Disclosures on our website under Planning Forms and Fees. They are both updated at the beginning of each month. We are always working to make the process easier and quicker. If you have a suggestion or if you find any problems in the process, please send us an email at

4. What is the process to have speakers updated after a program is approved and the faculty changes?  
You do not need to include speakers on the Planning Form unless they are part of the Planning Committee. If a member of the Planning Committee leaves and is replaced, please let us know via email. No additional paperwork needs to be done.

5. What is the process to have the sign in sheet updated?
All sign-in sheet updates can be sent to Gernelle or Katie will take care of them as quickly as possible. 

6. What is the best way to get a speaker to fill out the disclosure form and send a CV?
We understand that it can be difficult to obtain disclosures and CVs. Our best advice is to send them a direct link and let them know that it should only take a few minutes. Others have suggested indicating that the attendees of their talk will not get credit unless they provide these documents. A hard copy of the disclosure form is available if you think it will be easier to get a disclosure signed in person.

6. What is considered CME credit and what is not eligible for CME Credit?
The following is the definition of Continuing medical education from the ACCME: “Continuing medical education consists of educational activities which serve to maintain, develop, or increase the knowledge, skills, and professional performance and relationships that a physician uses to provide services for patients, the public, or the profession. The content of CME is that body of knowledge and skills generally recognized and accepted by the profession as within the basic medical sciences, the discipline of clinical medicine, and the provision of health care to the public.”

General Rule: Promotional talks do NOT qualify for CME credit. All CME must be commercially unbiased.