General Information About the Clinical Research Unit

West Virginia University Cancer Institute's Clinical Research Unit (CRU) is dedicated to providing the services and expertise that investigators need to conduct clinical trials and expand the growing body of biomedical knowledge. We offer a wide range of administrative and budgetary services to both clinical investigators and private industry.

Because West Virginia University is the state's primary research institution, WVU physicians represent a comprehensive range of specializations. Our staff has a sterling reputation for excellent patient care as well as timely delivery of valid and reliable data.

Unlike many other academic health centers, West Virginia University provides primary care services to a large, stable population of rural patients. WVU also provides secondary and tertiary care. Our patient population ensures a high degree of follow-up care and study completion that many other clinical trials facilities cannot offer.

A map of the eastern United States, with lines marking 250, 375, and 500 mile radii of the map’s centerpoint: Morgantown, WV.

  • Baltimore, MD - 225 miles
  • Charleston, WV - 155 miles
  • Charlotte, NC - 385 miles
  • Chicago, IL - 528 miles
  • Cleveland, OH - 208 miles
  • Columbus, OH - 205 miles
  • Philadelphia, PA - 327 miles
  • Pittsburgh, PA - 77 miles
  • New York, NY - 393 miles
  • Norfolk, VA - 407 miles
  • Richmond, VA - 322 miles
  • Toronto, Canada - 384 miles
  • Washington, DC - 218 miles

Clinical trials are conducted at the West Virginia University Cancer Institute at West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia. Located in northern West Virginia, Morgantown is easily accessible from Pittsburgh, PA and Washington, DC.