WVU Children’s Dental Program

The WVU Health Sciences Center Eastern Division operates a school-based dental program which provides preventive dental for qualified children while they attend public school. The program is available for children ages 4-21 who are enrolled in the WV CHIP or Medicaid program and do not have a dental home.  By providing services in the school setting, parents do not have to miss work or provide transportation to a facility and children miss only a few minutes of school time.

In addition, we provide the same services for children ages 1-3, pregnant teenagers up to age 20, and any adolescent who has Medicaid or CHIP insurance and does not attend public school. Patients not attending a brick and mortar public school, will be seen in our clinic located at 2008 Professional Court, Martinsburg.

To make an appointment, please call 304-596-6336.

Who is eligible? 

Any child who has active Medicaid or WV CHIP insurance. 

What services are provided?

Depending on date of last dental visit, the following services can be provided:

  • Dental Exam
  • Teeth Cleanings
  • Fluoride Varnish Treatment
  • Sealants (when necessary)
  • Silver Diamine Fluoride Treatments
  • Referral to local dentists for fillings (if necessary)

If a child needs additional treatment, our staff will assist in finding a dentist to provide those services.

Who will provide the services?

Lisa L. Poland, DMD, RS
Director of Dental Health Programs, WVU Health Sciences Eastern Division 
Assistant Clinical Professor, WVU School of Dentistry
2008 Professional Court, Martinsburg, WV 25401

Dr. Poland and her staff use portable dental equipment to provide the dental services listed above. 

For more information, please call 304-596-6336.

Where are services provided? 

  • At your child’s school
  • Our clinic for those not participating in a brick and mortar school this year

What's the cost to parents?

There is no additional fee. Costs are covered by Medicaid and/or WV CHIP insurance.

Dr. Poland and her staff of hygienists will visit each school in fall and then again in the spring, providing all children to have the opportunity for two preventive visits (cleanings, fluoride, & sealants) per year.

A copy of the registration form (front side and back side) can be printed, completed, and mailed to:  

WVU Children’s Dental Program
2008 Professional Court
Martinsburg, WV 25401

How To Enroll

Enroll online with the online enrollment form or call us at 304-596-6336.

Did you know?

  • Dental decay is almost completely preventable.
  • Most dental problems are preventable if children begin seeing a dentist at an early age.
  • Tooth decay and associated pain interfere with daily activities for 4 million to 5 million children and adolescents every year.
  • Research has shown chronic oral infections can lead to heart and lung diseases, diabetes and stroke, as well as premature births and low birth weights, according to the US surgeon general’s report, “Oral Health in America."
  • ADA recommends a child’s first visit to the dentist should be within six months of the first erupting tooth, and no later than one year of age. Healthy Habits for Preventing Cavities.
  • Limit juice, milk, formula and other sugary drinks to mealtime. Drink only water between meals.
  • Brush your teeth at least twice daily.
  • Floss your teeth daily.
  • Drink water with fluoride. If you are unsure if your water has fluoride, take a sample to your local health department for testing.
  • Set a good example for your children by following all of the above.