IPE Stigma Event

What have you personally done with the last 7 minutes of your life? Statistically someone in our country dies of a drug overdose every 7 minutes. Not so lucky seven really. We are not able to prevent a lost life in the past, but we, as healthcare professionals, can certainly proactively discuss efforts to curb the ongoing loss of lives due to drug overdoses, starting at the pivotal point of the opioid epidemic, the opioid crisis, the war on drugs, you name it, there’s one thing in common: STIGMA.

Join us for a dynamic interactive presentation and multi-panel event that repeatedly opens up the microphone for questions from the audience to pose to our experts from WVU, our community, and those with lived experience. Come be the change, go first, be the leader, change a life, save a life, be the HOPE.


Join our IPE Monday Evening Session on April 8 at 4 PM in Okey Auditorium.  Pizza and snacks will be provided.