Roberto E. Kusminsky, MD, MPH, FACS, professor and chairman of the department of surgery at West Virginia University's School of Medicine Charleston Campus, recently presented a grand rounds lecture entitled "The Physician of the Future and the Future of Physicians” at the WVU Charleston campus health sciences center that offers a fascinating look at the evolutionary steps that have shaped physician’s outlooks and roles and the coming advances that will point to the next steps in the course of the profession.

David M. Fryson, an attorney, ordained minister and diversity professional at West Virginia University and a Charleston Gazette-Mail contributing columnist attended the lecture and wrote "The lecture, which will soon appear in The American Journal of Surgery, was an intriguing look into how modern technology is changing the face of physician care and services. It was also an almost science-fantasy glimpse into how technology is changing the face of medicine and society in so many exciting ways. The exhilarating pace of technological change has implication into our economy, jobs for the future and how labor needs, as we now know it, will be reduced and morphed into a new reality."

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