MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The West Virginia University Health Sciences Campus has received re-designation as a Platinum Well Workplace by the Wellness Council of West Virginia. The designation recognizes the efforts of WVU Healthcare and WVU Health Sciences as organizations that show dedication and commitment to its employees’ health and wellbeing.

The Wellness Program at the WVU Health Sciences Campus provides more than 7,000 employees of WVU Healthcare and Health Sciences with workout facilities and nutrition and stress management information.  Employees may also participate in specific programs, such as “Walk 100 Miles in 100 Days” and the Dean Ornish, M.D., Program for Reversing Heart Disease. 

Employees are also eligible for discounts on their healthcare premiums if they participate in wellness screenings during benefit re-enrollment. WVU Healthcare employees are eligible for further discounts if they meet all of the following criteria: normal blood pressure, healthy Body Mass Index, do not use tobacco, have normal lipids and glucose, receive the seasonal flu vaccine and complete an online health risk assessment.

“Annually we are reaching more than 75 percent of our population with programs and services,” Dave Harshbarger, WVU Health Sciences Campus Wellness manager, said. “It is rather unprecedented for an enterprise of our size to have this number of participants in work-sponsored wellness programs.”

The Wellness Council of West Virginia provides West Virginia businesses with resources to improve workplace wellness.  It is a member of the National Network of Wellness Councils, a national group that is recognized for its innovative and results-oriented approach to worksite wellness. 

The WVU Health Sciences Campus was honored at the Wellness Council’s annual Mid-Atlantic Conference on Worksite Wellness Sept. 30 in Charleston.

For more information on The Wellness Program at the Health Sciences Campus of WVU, please call 304-293-2520 or visit

For more information: Angela Jones, HSC News Service, 304-293-7087
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