Key Rewards, the WVUH Employee Health Insurance Premium Program for 2016, will encompass wellness screenings, which began July 1. By taking part in these screenings, signing a tobacco affidavit, completing a health risk assessment and visiting a primary care provider, WVUH employees can save on health insurance premiums next year.

There are seven steps employees must take to be eligible for reduced health insurance rates (Gold Premium Rate or Silver Premium Rate). To achieve Gold Premium Rate, all screening values must be within normal levels. If any value is not within the normal limits, employees have until April 1, 2016, to complete a health management program to stay at the Silver Premium Rate or achieve the Reasonable Alternative Standard to move to the Gold Premium Rate.

The seven steps to be completed in order to qualify for the discount are blood pressure screening, body mass index (BMI) screening, fasting cholesterol (LDL) screening (must fast for 10 hours), fasting glucose screening (must fast for 10 hours), tobacco affidavit and spouse tobacco affidavit (if spouse participates in WVUH plan), health risk assessment and wellness or prevention visit with a primary care provider.

New this year, starting July 1, employees now have the option to complete the wellness screening questionnaire in MyWVUChart. The wellness screening questionnaire contains the consent and tobacco affidavit. After the questionnaire has been submitted, the most recent lipid panel and glucose value for 2015 will be automatically pulled. The most recent blood pressure and BMI values will also be automatically pulled, provided they were taken after June 30. Values captured outside of WVUH will need to be provided to the Wellness Program.

For details on when screenings and other services are available, visit the benefit re-enrollment screenings page on CONNECT. Employees with questions about the screenings can call Employee Health at 304-598-4160. Those with questions about the Health Risk Assessment can contact the Wellness Program at 304-293-2520.