We understand that, as Department Liaisons, it can be difficult to take on the job of coordinating Regularly Scheduled Series. Our office is working to make sure that you have as much information as possible, so that the job is easier for both you and us. 

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Process Review

  1. Read about Credit Packets and our Credit Packet Review Process.
  2. Reference - Special Requirements for Emailing
  3. Read our Tips & Tricks (also in the Slideshow)
  4. RSS Process Review Slideshow
  5. View the ACCME's Flowchart for the Identification and Resolution of Personal Conflicts of Interest

Feedback from a Process Review Meeting attendee: "When I started almost a year ago a few people would try and help teach me the rules of Grand Round paper work. However, every body does things their own way. As I had many pieces returned for non completion I had a lot of questions and just tried to do what I thought was best. This course answered all my questions and I am confident I will have less mistakes moving forward."