Credit Packet Review Process

The Stapled Credit Packet should include:

  • Checklist
  • Approved Flyer
  • Bar-code Sign-in Sheet
  • Additional Documentation if required

Please staple the Credit Packet if you are sending it via Campus Mail. It helps us to keep everything together. We would appreciate if you sent it without paperclips, as we have too many paperclips in the office. Really. Let us know if you need any.

The Credit Packet Review Process generally follows this path:

  1. Packet arrives in our office. If via email, it is printed and stapled. The date received is marked on the Departmental Checklist.
  2. Staff checks each session for documentation. For each speaker, we need a CV and a Disclosure. She will follow up if she notices a disclosure is about to expire.
  3. Once we have a CV and Disclosure for the speaker(s), Kari checks that the flyer has the required and correct information, approves the session and marks the Department Checklist with the date approved.
  4. Doris enters the session into our database.
  5. Our student workers use the barcode scanner to scan each barcode, and manually enter any walk-ins.
  6. If the students can't read a name, they give it to Katie or Doris to decipher. 
  7. The students file the Credit Packet.