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DECC is currently accepting new child / adolescent and adult referrals. Unfortunately, due to the significant demand at this time (May 2023) our office staff will not be calling to schedule new patients until mid-late July for late summer/fall appointments. We request that referrals may be made by a healthcare providers. Please download and fax the DECC referral form located at the button below, or call the WVU DECC Scheduling Specialist at 304-388-1000. DECC Schedulers can assist with making appointments with psychiatrists, dietitian, and psychotherapist. In addition, we can assist with streamlining access to medical care (if needed) at the CAMC Family Medicine Center.

Due to provider availability, DECC may have limited ability to accommodate adult psychotherapy referrals. In part, this circumstance is because DECC is located within a training institution, and therefore clinicians are only able to accept new patients during certain rotations. Sadly, referrals for people struggling with eating disorders have increased so substantially during the COVID-19 pandemic; we are facing a critical shortage of available clinicians with specialized skills and knowledge for treating eating disorders.

Please note that DECC does not assist patients with attempts to lose weight. DECC does not treat food addiction. And DECC clinicians do not make recommendations for any weight loss surgery / procedure.

DECC Referral Form

Possible Alternative Treatment Options:

Bright Heart Health – virtual IOP eating disorder treatment https://www.brighthearthealth.com/services/iop/

Search providers on IAEDP website https://iaedp.site-ym.com/search/custom.asp?id=4255

Search providers on the AED website: https://www.aedweb.org/expert-directory

National Eating Disorders helpline, chat-line, and referral network: https://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/help-support/contact-helpline

Clinical Trials (many of which are virtual) for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Enhanced: https://www.cbte.co/self-help-programmes/digital-cbte/