Women in Science and Health

The Women In Science & Health Committee was established with the following charge:   

  • To enhance the advancement of women through professional development programs.
  • Establishing an effective network of women faculty.
  • Assesing the current status of women faculty in terms of academic rank, years of service and salary plus incentives.
  • Developing and implementing a faculty mentoring program for women.

As a result of the work of this group both women and male faculty are currently involved in the mentoring program. In addition, a number of women faculty have been able to attend the prestigious Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine (ELAM) with others from all across the county.


The Women In Science & Health (WISH) Committee hosted a successful blood drive through Central Blood Bank.  The drive collected 46 units surpassing our original goal of 30 units.  The committee would like to thank the students from multiple health sciences disciplines who volunteered to sign up donors and with various tasks during the day of the blood drive.

Contact Us

A photo of Patricia Hussing.
Patricia K. Hussing
West Virginia University
Administrative Associate, Faculty Development
A photo of Gwendolyn Marshall.
Gwendolyn Marshall, MSIR
West Virginia University
Program Coordinator Senior, Faculty Development