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The purpose of these pages is to help health sciences students feel at home during community-based clinical experiences. You are busy at the medical center and study extensively, but how will you approach your leisure time? Where can you hike or enjoy natural beauty? Where can you eat well locally? With some Outdoors and Food recommendations, we encourage you to engage the community and develop a positive sense of place. Be at peace in and around town and allow a sense of being home to emerge.

How to Get Comfortable

Home is a place where we can peacefully nap on the couch and eat the food in the fridge. At our home space, we can do almost anything – no thought required. 

Home is a state of mind where we appreciate the pleasure of having everything that we need, no matter where we are. In this gratitude, we appreciate our arrival at peace of mind. The number of physical spaces that can be home are limitless. We can feel at home in a new town in West Virginia.

During your community-based clinical experiences, you have a space to put your feet up and relax. Your state of mind is up to you. Enjoy some time to love a new home by exploring town. Go experience the local trails, restaurants, and other gems near your new home.

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We would love to hear your feedback! Please share your experiences with Gerardo. We’d love to hear why you love being home in West Virginia!

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