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Applying for Authorization

In order to obtain the privilege and responsibility of using radioactive materials and ordering an individual must first be approved as an Authorized User by the appropriate Radiation Safety Committee.  The Radiation Safety Officer may grant temporary approval pending review by the committee. This temporary approval applies both to physicians using radioactive materials for diagnosis or treatment under the hospital broad license and to researchers or clinicians using radionuclide in laboratory.

A prospective authorized user / principle investigator must submit an application for the use of radionuclide to the Radiation Safety Department.

A Radiation Safety representative may wish to interview the applicant or inspect the laboratory before radionuclide use is permitted.  This interview will assure that the laboratory is properly set up, acceptable monitor and survey equipment are available and all required notices are posted.

Applicants for the Human Use of radioactive materials for diagnostic or therapeutic use of radionuclides must show that they fulfill the pertinent training and experience requirements in 10 CFR 35 Subpart J.  These requirements include board certification or specific classroom and laboratory training in relevant radioisotope handling techniques and appropriate clinical experience.

PI / AU Human Use Application

Applicants for the Nonhuman Use must give pertinent information about their training and experience a protocol for the proposed and a description of their laboratory.  Current policy requires that a prospective radionuclide user demonstrate his or her knowledge of radiation protection practices by successfully completing a short examination.  However for those with adequate training or experience, six months of temporary approval is generally granted while this requirement is being fulfilled.  A principal investigator may arrange to take the exam at any time by contacting the Radiation Safety Department. 

PI / AU Non-Human Use Application

Authorization Amendments

An authorized user/ principle investigator who wishes to change his or her approved usage shall notify the Radiation Safety Department.  Minor changes in usage, for example an increase in activity by a factor of two, may be handled simply by a memo.  Major changes, such as addition of a radionuclide or change in location, may require partial resubmission of the application.  The resubmitted application will then be sent to the Radiation Safety Committee for approval.

Authorization Renewal

Presently there is no specific time limit on radionuclide authorization once the training certification has been passed.  The Radiation Safety Committee reserves the right to withdraw authorization from an authorized user/ principle investigator who remains inactive for an extended period of time.

Authorization Termination

An authorized user / principle investigator who is leaving WVU or is deactivating his or her laboratory shall notify the Radiation Safety Department immediately.  This notification will allow the Radiation Safety Department to decommission the laboratory after work has ceases.  All remaining radioactive materials or waste will be removed from the laboratory, transferred to another principle investigator or otherwise stored securely.  Radionuclide use areas will be surveyed, decontaminated if necessary and cleared of radiation notices.

Radiation Workers

The authorized user / principle investigator is responsible for assuring that adequate training, as defined by the appropriate Radiation Safety Committee, is provided to all personnel working in the laboratory.  Laboratory assistants must read the Radiation Safety Manual.  They are jointly responsible with the authorized user / principle investigator for their training in radiation safety and radionuclide procedures and for any violation of radiation safety regulations in their laboratory.

To assist in the training of radiation personnel, the Radiation Safety Department provides Radiation Protection Training for WVU Research Laboratories on-line at the WVU SOLE website. 

Radiation Worker Registration Form