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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do I become an Authorized Radiation User/Principle Investigator?

Please fill out the Application for Non-Human Use of Radionuclides form and mail to Radiation Safety Dept, P.O. Box 9006 or fax it to us at 304-293-4529. Your application must be approved by a committee and you must complete ARU/PI training on SOLE.

How can I modify my current ARU:PI status?

Please go to the Application for Non-Human Use of Radionuclides form and fill out the first page. Select modification at bottom of the first page and then complete only the sections in which you are seeking modification. Please send form to RSD.

How do I get a Radiation Dosimetry Badge?

Please fill out the radiation badge application form and either fax it to us at 304-293-4529 or mail it to us at WVU Radiation Safety  P.O. Box 9006. If you have worn a radiation badge at another facility prior to coming to WVU, please fill out the second page of the badge application form.

Do I need to take any training before I work with radioactive materials in the lab?

Yes. You are required by NRC regulations and WVU Radiation Safety Policy to complete online training on SOLE before working with radioactive materials in the lab. Please email us at radiationsafety@hsc.wvu.edu or call us at 304-293-3413 and we will get a SOLE account set up for you.

How do I declare my pregnancy with Radiation Safety?

If you are a badged lab worker and you wish to declare your pregnancy with Radiation Safety, please inform your immediate supervisor and then please contact RSD to set up a pregnancy consultation with the Radiation Safety Officer.

What to I do if I lost my Radiation Dosimetry Badge?

Please call Radiation Safety at 304-293-3413 or email us at radiationsafety@hsc.wvu.edu as soon as possible so we can get you a replacement badge.

How do I get the radioactive waste in my lab removed?

Please fill out a radioactive waste removal request form and fax it to us at 304-293-4529 or email it to us at radiationsafety@hsc.wvu.edu. We will then coordinate to pick up the radioactive waste from your lab.

How do I order radioactive materials for my lab?

Please refer to WVU Purchasing Instructions for details

How do I transfer radioactive materials or a radiation producing device to another ARU:PI?

First you must be approved as an Authorized User of radioactive materials or radiation producing machines. Fill out the Internal Transfer Request form and return to the Radiation Safety Department for the Radiation Safety Officer to review.

Where can I find information on how my occupational radiation dose compares to dose from other sources of radiation?

Check out the NRC's web page 'Radiation All Around US'. It contains information on radiation doses from background sources as well as comparison of doses from common medical procedures.