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Non-Human Use Authorization

In order to obtain the privilege and responsibility of using radioactive materials for non-human use purposes an individual must first be approved as an Authorized Radiation User (ARU) by the Radiation Safety Committee.  

As an ARU, you will have the full responsibility for adherence to federal, state, and WVU Radiation Safety requirements and the safe use of ionizing radiation by himself or herself and those under his or her direction.

A prospective ARU must submit a completed Non-Human Use of Radiation and Radionuclides application including all pertinent attachments to the Radiation Safety Department (RSD) to be reviewed by the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO). If the application is approved by the RSO, it will be forwarded to the Non-Human Use of Radiation and Radionuclides Committee (NHUC) for review. If the application is denied by the RSO, the applicant will be given an opportunity to edit and re-submit the application to the RSD. If the application is approved by the NHUC, it will be recommended for review by the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) for final approval.

Note: The radiation safety committees meet in January, April, July, and October. For an application to be considered at any of the committee meetings, the prospective AU must submit the application to the Radiation Safety Department before the end of the month prior to the committee meeting month. For example: if the prospective AU is looking for the application to be reviewed during the October meeting, the application must be submitted to RSD by the end of September. 

Prospective ARUs are encouraged to attend the radiation safety committee meetings at the time their application will be reviewed. Contact RSD for meeting dates and location.

Applying for Non-Human Use of Radionuclides

Individuals applying for non-human use of radioactive materials must complete and submit the Non-Human Use of Radioactive Material application. See link below:

ARU Non-Human Use Application

Applicants must give pertinent information regarding their training, education and practical experience commensurate with the types of radionuclides to be used. Applicants must also submit protocols or procedural methods for which the radioactive materials will be used as well as a description (floorplan) of their laboratory.

The prospective ARU must demonstrate his or her knowledge of radiation protection practices by successfully completing radiation safety training available on SOLE before use of radioactive material.  

Once applicants are approved by the RSO, NHUC and RSC, a letter of approval will be sent to the applicant and their department chair by the Radiation Safety Department and will include the isotopes and protocols for which they are approved.

Note: The letter of approval does not mean that the ARU may begin experiments immediately. RSD must sign off on the lab space before radiation work can begin.

Radioactive Materials Use in Animals

Prospective ARU applications as well as current ARUs amending their application to include the use of radiation in or on animals will need to obtain approval from the RSO, NHUC, RSC and the IACUC.

Note: Applicants must obtain approval from the RSC before the Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) will give final approval on animal use protocols. ARUs will need to attach their letter of approval by the RSC to their IACUC Protocol Appendix J.

Prospective ARUs can find a link to the Animal Care and Use Committee website here IACUC.

Applications for use of radiation in or on animals must specific regarding administration of radioactive materials in or on animals, location of use, carcass disposal, transport, PPE, animal housing setup, cage use and labeling, etc. Applicants must specify proper radiation safety practices related to such activities as animal transport, personnel monitoring, personnel surveys, shielding techniques and laboratory decommissioning. Applicants can find specific radiation safety policies and procedures when using radiation in or on animals here.

Before animal studies begin, Radiation Safety Department will meet with the ARU and lab personnel to discuss or inspect the lab setup and procedures required. Radiation Safety Department personnel must sign off on the lab before work begins.

Note: The vivarium supervisor must be directly notified of radioactive material use in animals before any use starts as there may be additional requirements regarding vivarium use or carcass disposal.

Authorization Amendments

An ARU who wishes to change his or her approved usage shall notify the Radiation Safety Department.  Minor changes in usage, for example an increase in activity by a factor of two, may be handled simply by a memo.  Major changes, such as addition of a radionuclide or change in location, may require submission of an amended application.  The application will follow the same approval process as outline above.

Authorization Renewal

Presently there is no specific time limit on radionuclide authorization once the training certification has been passed. However, the Radiation Safety Committee reserves the right to withdraw authorization from an ARU who remains inactive for an extended period of time.

Authorization Termination

An ARU who is leaving WVU or is deactivating his or her laboratory shall notify the Radiation Safety Department immediately and must follow all steps in the WVU Lab Closeout Policy. This notification will allow the Radiation Safety Department to decommission the laboratory after work has ceases.  All remaining radioactive materials or waste will be removed from the laboratory, transferred to another principle investigator or otherwise stored securely.  Radionuclide use areas will be surveyed, decontaminated if necessary and cleared of radiation notices.

Radiation Workers

The ARU is responsible for assuring that adequate training, as defined by the appropriate Radiation Safety Committee, is provided to all personnel working in the laboratory.  Laboratory assistants must read the Radiation Safety Manual.  They are jointly responsible with the ARU for their training in radiation safety and radionuclide procedures and for any violation of radiation safety regulations in their laboratory.

The Radiation Safety Department provides Radiation Protection Training for WVU Research Laboratories on-line at the WVU SOLE website.

The ARU is also responsible for adding and deleting workers from their laboratory and ensuring they have received any necessary personnel monitoring devices.

Radiation Worker Registration Form

Badge application form