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Ordering Radionuclides

All radionuclides must be obtained by one of the following means. All radionuclides must be ordered and received through the Radiation Safety Department. All radionuclide orders must be signed by an Authorized User or Princpile Investigator.

Transfer From Another Institution

The Authorized User must be approved by the appropriate Radiation Safety Committee for use of this material prior to receipt. The procedure to be followed for transfer is the same as that for receiving a gift or free sample.

  • Secure approval for use of the material
  • Fill out the RAM transfer form and submit it to the Radiation Safety Department

Transfer To Another Institution

All radioisotope shipment must be shipped by the Radiation Safety Department. The Radiation Safety Departmentmust have evidence that the other institution is licensed to receive this material.

  • Have the other institution send a copy of its license or other proof that itis licensed to receive the material to be transferred
  • Bring the above information, the radionuclide and its orginal shipping container, if possible, to the Radiation Safety Department. Assistance in packing and shipping will be provided.
  • A lead pig (or other shielding) may be required to reduce the radiation to less than 200 mrem/hr on the surfaces of the outermost container and less than 10 mrem/hr at one mter from the surface of the container. The Radiation Safety Department will supply these if available but cannot guarantee availability.

Transfer Within the University Or Hospital

This procedure is to be followed when responsibility for the radioactive material is to be transferred to another Authorized User. The Authorized User receiving the material must be approved for use of the material prior to receipt. If the receipient is not already approved for the material then an application must be made to the appropriate Radiation Safety Committee.

Guidelines For Transportation Of Radioactive Materials On Or Between Campuses