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Radiation Producing Devices


X-Ray Device Registration Policy Overview

The WVU Radiation Safety Department is now requiring the registration of all analytical and diagnostic radiation producing devices (x-ray) that are currently being utilized by any individual or department at West Virginia University. Registration of this equipment is required in accordance with the WV State Radiological Health Rules, 64-CSR-23.

All radiation producing devices that are currently being utilized on any WVU campus are required to be registered through the Radiation Safety Department. This equipment is required to be registered through not only Radiation Safety, but through the West Virginia Radiological Health Program (WV RHP). The WVU Radiation Safety Department, as the registrant, is ultimately responsible for directing the operation of any radiation producing device possessed by WVU staff and for its administrative control.

The Authorized User of such equipment is ultimately responsible for submitting all information required in order to register any radiation producing devices that he/she may possess to the Radiation Safety Department. Once a device is registered, the department or individual will receive a certificate of registration that will be valid for the period specified in accordance with WV RHP determination.

In order to adequately administer the registration process and maintain an adequate inventory of all analytical and diagnostic devices, Radiation Safety has developed an explicit system to provide a current record of each x-ray producing device registered with Radiation Safety and the WV Radiological Health Program. This program allows Radiation Safety immediate access to track the physical location, serial numbers, registration/permit expiration dates of all x-ray equipment on campus.