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Training Information

WVU Training

All Radiation Protection Training for WVU Research Laboratories is now available via WVU SOLE. This format will allow Principle Investigators, Authorized Users and Laboratory Personnel the freedom and flexibility to complete the training as required by Radiation Safety Department.

Anyone working with radioactive material at WVU must complete this course regardless of past training history at another institution. This training is intended for professionals who either have been authorized as an ARU/PI or are working under the supervision of someone who is an authorized ARU/PI. This training is not available to the general public.

Once the preliminary training is completed, one must renew his/her training every year. For example, preliminary training that was completed in 2011 must be completed again in 2012.

Additionally, any person who will be transporting radioactive materials across public highways must have current DOT training that meets the requirements listed in 49 CFR 172 Subpart H. This training has been made available through SOLE and will be required by all labs utilizing radioactive materials who are off HSC campus. Radiation Safety will not under any circumstance give radioactive materials to lab personnel to transport across public highways unless the individual has completed the required DOT training. This training must be renewed every two years.

WVU Hospitals Training

All new employees of WVU Hospital will take the Safety Orientation Training, which including basic information concerning the existence of sources of ionizing radiation and the Radiation Safety program. This training is available online through HealthcareSource Netlearning.

Radiologists, radiographers, nuclear medicine technologists, radiation oncology technologists and radiation dosimetrists, by virtue of their professional education, certification, and continuing education requirements will be trained on an "as needed" basis. Training venues will include Grand Rounds, seminars and special in-service sessions.