STEPS - Technology

Improving Patient Safety Through Technology.

STEPS isn’t just about physician education – it’s about patient safety. By providing a safe learning environment with fully responsive technology, our students are safer and smarter before encountering patients in everyday and critical care situations. This commitment to education and safety drives everything we do.

The David and Jo Ann Shaw STEPS center is a state-of-the-art center for experiential learning with simulation.

The 20,000+ square foot simulation center includes the following and more:

  • Four ICU setups for life-like manikins
  • Two 10 bed open lab spaces for practicing nursing, BLS, and ultrasound skills
  • Twelve patient exam rooms for physical diagnosis and communication
  • A room for OB and Pediatric practice
  • A large Surgical skills unit
  • Operating Room

Innovative Technology

Our student learners are using technology that is at the forefront of medicine. We’re using the latest technology to educate, demonstrate and perform new procedures with Microsoft’s HoloLens and the ViMedex augmented reality/virtual reality ultrasound trainer.

Utilizing the full spectrum of simulation

STEPS continues to advance healthcare education and promote innovative educational research, leading to improved patient care and safety through our dedicated faculty & staff, and innovative technology.

Discover all of the technology that will be available to you.

Standardized Patient Program

A Standardized Patient is a real person role-playing a realistic clinical situation to help healthcare students learn and/or evaluate clinical skills. They are people from the community who have indicated an interest and are accepted based on their communication skills.

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