Facility and Event Signage

WVU Health Sciences is committed to providing an attractive environment for patients, visitors, students, employees and other guests. Furnishings, artwork, posted notices and displays of an educational, promotional or informational nature shall be carefully managed to assure that public areas are appropriate from an aesthetic and functional standpoint. The Health Sciences Planning Committee is responsible for the management of these spaces.

Facility Signage #

Signs or room identification are to use Health Sciences standards. Any deviation must be previewed and approved through Facilities Management.

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Event Signage #

Information to help guide students, patients or guests to the location of a scheduled event/meeting sponsored by Health Sciences schools or offices shall be posted on the electronic InfoStations.

Temporary poster or directional signage may be used only on the day(s) of an event. Posters must be put on a poster stand and removed promptly when event/meeting is completed. Paper signs are prohibited. Once your event is over, please retrieve notices you have posted to free up space for current items and help us keep these areas professional looking and orderly.

Common Area Guidelines