Academy of Excellence Application Process

Nomination and Application Process

Do you know an outstanding colleague, or have a faculty member on your team that you feel should be recognized? Someone who has demonstrated excellence in the mission of Education at the Health Science Center and has created opportunities for innovation, collaboration and scholarship to serve learners, patients, and communities. Someone who has developed creative ways or has recognized and supported faculty for enhancing the
educational mission. If so, then please consider nominating them for induction into the Academy of Excellence.

Objectives of the Academy

  • To foster and promote excellence in education.
  • To bring together distinguished teachers and expand mentorship and their innovations, scholarship, and ability to provide role modeling for other faculty.
  • To foster and promote excellence in education by creating collaborative networks and improving possibilities for funding.

Membership Eligibility

Teaching Award recipients from any year that includes awards from university, department, school, state, and national organizations. Members will also include graduates of the longitudinal HSC Teaching Scholars Program.

Self-nominations will not be accepted

To nominate a colleague or faculty please send an email or a letter to HSC Faculty Development.

In the email/letter please let us know Your Name, Department, and the reason you are nominating this person to be inducted into the Academy of Excellence. After nominations are received the nominee will receive an email with a link with instructions to follow.

All nominations are due by Friday, December 22, 2023 by 4:30 p.m. This will give the nominee time to fill out the application and submit documentation. If you have any issues please contact Tynetta Johnson.