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Biopsy seminar offers unique experience for dental students

Day-long event part of Dr. Henry Bianco Lectureship Series

West Virginia University School of Dentistry students graduate with experience in specialized diagnostic sciences skills. Experts in oral medicine, radiology, pathology and forensics lead hands-on experiences through the Dr. Henry Bianco Seminar Series. In October, esteemed faculty provided both didactic and clinical components to a biopsy seminar. The day-long rotation enhances biopsy components taught through the school’s regular curriculum. The seminar offers realistic, hands-on surgical biopsy procedures, microscopic diagnosis instruction and education on interpretation of reports and patient management. Interpretation of Reports and Patient Management. Specifically, the seminar is designed to teach future providers how to:

  1. Distinguish between normal oral tissues and pathological tissues
  2. Define the indications and contraindications for a biopsy
  3. Describe the various techniques for performing both soft and hard tissue biopsies
  4. Determine location and orientation of the various biopsy procedures
  5. Perform excisional and incisional soft tissue biopsies
  6. Complete a biopsy requisition form and prepare a sample for mailing to the lab
  7. Describe the different components of a laboratory report
  8. Communicate the findings of a laboratory report with a patient/guardian tailored to an individual’s station in life and personality in a simulated environment
  9. Determine a course of action for the patient based on the laboratory report findings

Some of the students’ feedback:

“This seminar was very helpful!”

“I really loved the experience, it was great!”

“Great job by the presenters, and it was awesome to get hands on and truly get feedback! Thank you all!”