Monday Sessions

students sitting across from each other talking

Learners begin in a large group for a didactic session to prepare them for small group activities. Each small group consists of a variety of disciplines, each providing their unique perspective during each session’s active learning piece.

Session 1 (in person with virtual option for remote learners/campuses) focuses on professional roles and responsibilities. Learners will participate in a speed-networking activities to get to know one another and learn about each of the disciplines participating in the activities.

Session 2 (virtual) focuses on values and ethics. Learners meet a patient named "Myles" through a controversial patient case involving Abilify Mycite. This is an interactive session like a "choose-your-own-adventure" game. Learners watch a series of videos and phone calls to navigate through a patient case in a virtual environment. Throughout the session, participants discuss the various steps in the decision-making process.

Session 3 (virtual) focuses on teams and teamwork. Learners navigate through a virtual patient room filled with mistakes and patient safety hazards using SeekBeak technology. Participants first identify as many mistakes and hazards as they can as an individual and then work together as a team.

Session 4 (virtual) focuses on communication. Learners use perspective role-play as they hear Sorrel King tell "Josie's Story." Discussion follows in small groups with a facilitator, focusing on breakdowns and barriers in communication and how to improve their own patient care. By the end of this experience, learners will be able to describe the hierarchical barriers to patient advocacy from each viewpoint, describe the perception of power given their role in the simulation and explain why empowering every member of the care team is important for optimal patient care/outcomes.

A special session on Mental Health First Aid equips learners to identify and provide resources to those in mental distress.


For more details or to sign up, submit the online form or contact Katie Hoffman.