Standardized Patient Encounters

"The Simulated/Standardized Patient (SP) is a person who has been carefully coached to simulate an actual patient so accurately that the simulation cannot be detected by a skilled clinician.

In performing the simulation, the SP presents the gestalt of the patient being simulated; not just the history, but the body language, the physical findings, and the emotional and personality characteristics as well."

- HS Barrows


  • MSI History Taking
  • MSII History & Physical
  • MSII Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)
  • MSIII CPX Clinical Examination
  • MSIII Psychiatry
  • MSIII Midblock workshop
  • Ultrasound Modeling/testing

Nursing, Pharmacy, PT/OT, Dentistry & GME

  • Patient counseling and communication
  • Head to toe assessment
  • Ethics / Breaking bad news
  • Anesthesia OSCE

Interprofessional Education 

  • Grand rounds
  • HRSA grant
  • Teaching scholars program

Gynecological Teaching Associates (GTA)

  • M2 OB/GYN
  • FNP and PNP
  • WV SANE Practicum
  • Special Forces
  • Traveling instruction for FNP and PA

Male Urogenital Teaching Associates (MUTA)

  • M2 Urologic
  • FNP and PNP
  • Traveling instruction for FNP and PA

Standardized Physical Exam Teaching Associates (SPETA)

  • First Year Medical Student (PDCI1)
  • Physicians Assistant Program 2020

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